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Micro Daguet style Bisonic Hagstrom

  • Scale : /
  • Woods :
    • Body : /
    • Neck : /
    • Fretboard : /
  • Pickups : /
  • Finish : /
  • Diverse : /
  • Price : 225 € a piece HT+ port/shipping €
Based on the original design of the BISONIC HAGSTROM(also called "darkstar" by fred Hammon) they are physically the same (magnets, bobin sizes, core, winding and so on), but I have changed few things in order to make them easier to fit and adjust on about any basses with just the change of the pickup ring ( sorry impossible with F... pu's though the necessary routing remain reasonnably small). with string spacing of 16.25 and 17.25 milimeters. The samples have been recorded on a traynor bassmate amp with a valve microphone "Studio projects TB1" and a KORG D16XD recorder. All the basses have been recorded at the same level with no correction. the sound diferences comes only from the instruments themselves. the bass fitted with the daguet type Bisonic is a simple and cheap ibanez rescued from the trash bin... Samples #1 to #5 are all the same sequence played first on the neck pickups , then neck plus bridge and finally bridge pickups alone... other samples comes from one of my customer job.

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